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A Parody Touch

With a parody touch it had gone on to receive highly positive responses from the audience

so considering the strong reaction made by fans it sure comes as no wonder that the actor duo had decided to come up with a feature length motion picture.

Comedy flick lovers can therefore have their fingers crossed for laugh out loud joyride. Read More

Sheneneh and Wanda

Thus central figure in movie will be Sheneneh and Wanda, two women in today world who are trying to make a life for themselves amidst all the hardships.

And the easiest way they have come up with is robbing banks and one at a time they execute carefully planned robberies. Read More
The Skank Robbers News & Updates

Welcome to the Skank Robbers news & updates website.

Here you will find the latest news on the upcoming movie starring:

About the movie
The Skank Robbers movie will move on to captures fine pieces of performances made by a stellar cast.

Later mentioned actor duo will come up with this movie as a collaborative feature which will have taken inspiration from a movie trailer created by them for another movie.
Last Updated on Friday, 22 July 2011 20:22

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